Breathing Space

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Do you struggle to fit quality ‘me time’ into your day?

Is your body showing signs of exhaustion and stress but you just don’t know how to nurture yourself in ways that really make a difference? Do you feel guilty for taking a much needed rest?

If so you’re not alone. In all my years working with mothers I see this time and time again and I was no exception.

After my second daughter I was diagnosed with depression. I found myself flat on my back looking up at my self-made ‘perfect parent’ pedestal feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and like I just wasn’t good enough!

In my role as a mother, as a wife, as an employee and a business owner, I had given my all.  Life had become a big routine of washing, cooking, cleaning, tidying, working, and worrying.  It was non-stop.  It was relentless.  In all this time while I mothered my children and juggled all the things that come with the title of ‘mother’, I completely neglected myself. Sound familiar?

If you fall into bed at night exhausted from your busy day without having taken time to fill your cup and feel like you are running on empty and desperately need to recharge your batteries, I know exactly how this feels and I see it in many of the women I work with but I’m happy to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel and it can be another way!

‘me time’ moments

Wouldn’t it be nice if you:

  • Felt calmer
  • Were listened to and understood and not having to constantly repeat yourself
  • Felt full of energy and not like you’re running on empty
  • Knew you were more than good enough
  • Had quality time to yourself each day without feeling guilty
  • Turned everyday tasks into ‘me time’ moments so you can remain calm and focused throughout your day
  • Completed your to do list without depleting yourself

Just imagine yourself now taking guilt-free time out to just be. See yourself being more present with those around you and feeling a sense of inner calm. Does that feel good?

If I told you that this is possible in as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day with simple, yet highly powerful tools, would you believe me? Would you be interested in knowing more? If so keep scrolling…

Your oxygen mask

Our ‘me time’ moments are like oxygen masks on an aeroplane, without putting our own mask on first we aren’t able to help anybody.

If you are fed up of:

  • Never having a minute to yourself
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Feeling stressed
  • Being irritable with your loved ones
  • Feeling guilty for taking a break
  • Not feeling good enough despite giving your all
  • Maybe even feeling a little resentful

Then you have been putting everybody else’s masks on first and it’s time to change. I believe I can help you with this, in fact I believe it is my purpose to do so!

Breathing Space – time out for busy mums

In my online programme Breathing Space I will share with you all of the tools and techniques I have used to turn my life around.  In this programme you will:

  • Release guilt for taking time out for yourself
  • Create powerful mind set shifts to fully commit to new daily habits of self-care
  • Develop new positive ways of thinking about yourself and release feelings of not being ‘good enough’
  • Receive MP3 audios for guided relaxation and deep breathing exercises so ‘me time’ is as easy as taking a lovely deep breath in!
  • Discover ways to release negative energy from the body and fill your cup with positive, life affirming energy
  • Discover the science behind ‘me time’ and the main positive effects it will have on your health and whole life experience
  • Learn ways to turn everyday tasks into ‘me time’ moments
  • Learn different tools for quality relaxation that works for YOU and can fit into the busiest of days
  • Discover top tips for nutrition to truly nurture your body
  • Learn how to teach these tools to your children
  • Reconnect with who you really are and find a greater sense of purpose

Mama-size pieces

I know you’re a busy mum with many balls to juggle, that’s why I have set this programme up in the most efficient way possible.

Each day for 21 days you will receive an email direct to your inbox with all the content you need.  This thought provoking programme is made up of written content, explorative questions, videos and MP3 files all designed in mama-size portions.

Risk free

I also want to make this risk free for you so if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the programme you can have a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

If you’re looking for ways to feel calmer, gain clarity in your life and feel more connected to those around you, and you want all of this without feeling guilty and spending hours out of your busy day then I invite you to join me on the Breathing Space programme so you can start making ‘me time’ moments and feeling that inner sense of calm, clarity and connection.

The Breathing Space programme will begin in May 2015, if you would like to be added to the waiting list to receive further details please click here

With love,

Vicky Drake






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  1. I feel calmer just reading this 🙂

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